About Integrated Knowledge Solutions

iksLogoWelcome to Integrated Knowledge Solutions and its blog, From Data to Decisions. Integrated Knowledge Solutions offers consulting services, on-site customized training and seminars, and innovative solutions using machine learning and computer vision technologies for applications in automotive, business and commerce, defense and homeland security, healthcare and medicine, and social media analysis and mining.

The principals at Integrated Knowledge Solutions have over 50 years of combined experience in applying artificial intelligence, neural networks including deep learning, machine learning, pattern recognition, and video analytics to a broad range of projects and have successfully completed projects for US Air Force, Navy, local hospitals and industries. Integrated Knowledge Solutions has also successfully conducted seminars and webinars within Europe, USA and India. Here are some links to presentations by our principals:

Machine Learning 2 Deep Learning: An Intro

Bringing AI to Business Intelligence

Intro to Machine Learning

Image Search: Then and Now

How to Do Research

Introduction to Data Mining

Machine Learning and Multimedia Information Retrieval

Social Media in Banking

We would love to hear from you about your needs and help you create and implement a solution fitting your needs. Please contact us at iksinc@yahoo.com.

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