Quiz Series: Quiz on Background Knowledge for Data Mining/Data Science

The year 2020 is the year of Corona which forced most institutions to offer online classes only. While such a medium to offer instructions is great, it misses on one extremely important feature of a physical classroom. In a physical classroom, an instructor gets an immediate feedback about whether the students are grasping the material or not. With that feedback, the instructor is immediately able to take some suitable action if the students are not understanding or drifting out. This important instructional component is missing in online lecture settings. To account for this, I started using short online quizzes at the end of each week to ensure the students were keeping up with the material as it was being presented.

Through this and the subsequent posts, I am going to share these quizzes with you. You can take them to assess your knowledge on different topics. Today’s post is the first quiz in this series of quizzes. This quiz is focused on basics of linear algebra and probability and statistics. The basic concepts from these areas are a must for anyone trying to learn data science, data mining, and machine learning.

If you score 70% or better, then you can congratulate yourself; otherwise you may want to refresh basic concepts of linear algebra,and probability and statistics.

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